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Bielefeld and surroundings Business Location

Bielefeld Station Area

Founded in the 13th century as a market town, Bielefeld has developed into the economic centre of East Westphalia Lippe, one of the fastest-growing economic regions in Germany. With foundations in linen weaving, which was to dominate for centuries, Bielefeld today is a future-oriented location attracting new business with a high quality of life.


A wide variety of industries and world-renowned brands

Bielefeld’s present economic character is shaped by a wide range of businesses, predominantly featuring industries such as mechanical engineering, printing and paper, and food and consumables. Many companies and well-known brands like Oetker, Seidensticker, Dürkopp, Gildemeister, Schüco, Goldbeck, Böllhoff, JAB Anstoetz and Alcina have contributed to the high international profile of products “Made in Bielefeld”.


Bielefeld Technology Centre

Innovation and New technologies

Locating in Bielefeld? Attractive conditions for business start-ups and young entrepreneurs working in new technologies and service industries are provided by the Bielefeld Technology Centre, the Technology Park and The Gründerzentrum Bielefeld. In close co-operation with transfer institutes at Bielefeld University, colleges and other establishments, and with an economic development policy supporting medium-sized enterprises, the town of Bielefeld has established a climate conducive to innovation and new business ventures which has spread into the region.



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