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Data protection

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. All our activities on the Internet are in accordance with German data protection laws.

When you access our site, our servers will store data for backup purposes which may enable identification (e.g. IP address, date, time and pages visited). Personal details are not used. We reserve the right to statistically evaluate anonymous data. The storage of data is carried out for reasons of data protection, to maintain the stability and functionality of our systems, to improve navigation within our website and to ensure marketing-related internet demands are fulfilled.

Personal data submitted within competitions will be stored by us until the closing date to establish the winner. These data will not be further utilised, or transferred to any third party.

When ordering tickets, please note in addition the data protection advise of Bielefeld Marketing GmbH:

Bielefeld Marketing GmbH processes personal data in accordance with the data protection acts applicable to the contract. These data (name, adress, e-mail) are sourced, processed und utilised in an automated procedure to the extend required for the substantiation, arrangement or amendment of the contractual relationship. Bielefeld Marketing GmbH is entitled to transfer these data to any third party appointed to implement ticket sales whenever this should become essentail for the fulfilment of the contracts entered into.

Provided the customer makes no objection within two weeks of booking tickets, which is possible without stating a reason, consent is assumed to be given for Bielefeld Marketing GmbH to source, process and further utilise the received data for the purposes of customer advice, market research and the demand-oriented creation of programmes and offers.


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